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Site Assessments A good, sustainable energy system is based on some knowledge of what the needs of the customer are and what resources are available.

Our initial data gathering ranges from simple conversations to energy audits or even full data logging and analysis over longer periods.

It is important to know what your needs and expectations as a customer are. Novolta’s staff will therefore discuss the pro’s and cons of different approaches and take into account the needs versus the costs.

We can provide all the logging equipment, be it for the energy consumption of a shed, a house or a community, and for the measurement of any environmental parameter such as the amount of sunshine or wind in a particular location. In many instances, we will already know much of this information from prior experience, making it quicker to find a solution for your particular problem.

Of course, you may want an energy audit or some data logging carried out without ever wanting to install a renewable energy system. We can assist with this too, wether it be to find out what your current energy usage is and/or to assist you to reduce it.

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Can't find what you need? Search the Novolta web site with Google!