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Engineering Consultancy - Training & Education - Equipment SalesNovolta’s team of experts has a very wide field of knowledge: from lightning protection and conventional power generation to instrumentation and testing.

To assist you the most, we can arrange seamless integration of all areas of your energy management.

The following list details some of the more general areas we work in are listed here:

  • Lightning protection of buildings and the equipment within.
    Today’s modern, electronic equipment is very susceptible to power surges and the dangers from lightning. Our home town of Darwin has the most lightning strikes of any major city in the world. Our local experience will assist in preventing your potential problems. Uninterruptible Power Supplies also form part of this work.
  • Novolta and our associates have a great deal of experience with conventional power generation also, be this small diesel engines, gas turbines or combined cycle applications.
  • Novolta also provides overall engineering trouble shooting services for when there are complex problems to be solved. With a background in generation and transmission of power, we are right at home anywhere there is a problem to solve in a power system.
  • From megawatts of power to micro amps, Novolta can offer services in the instrumentation & controls field. From relay logic through PLC’s to embedded computers, metering, protection relays and other forms of instrumentation, we can provide a solution for you.
  • Novolta also has substantial expertise and an active interest in the field power electronics. Wether it is modelling, testing or fixing it, we can assist.


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Can't find what you need? Search the Novolta web site with Google!